About Walletisland

Walletisland is a web portal focusing on men’s wallet reviews – yes, men’s only ๐Ÿ™‚


We aim to present an objective review allowing readers to make their best choices.


The website was founded in autumn 2016 and is constantly growing and improving.


Apart from straight on reviews, we also introduced a blog. The aim is to cover a wider area around interesting wallet related topics.


Why we started with Walletisland


Some time ago we realized that finding a good wallet is not an easy task. We talked to friends and family and we got even more confused. Everyone seemed to have different expectations of the perfect wallet. We concluded that there is not a single best product that fits for everybody.ย  Objective information, however, helps to figure out what could be a matching product. This is why Walletisland was born.


The main person behind this site


The website was founded by Adrian Brown. He is a serial small business entrepreneur and a thinker with many years of professional experience in the fashion industry. His way of thinking is not only directly related to fashion but the actual impact goods have on a person’s life. His thoughts can be summed up in three cornerstones:

Personal success


In the past, Adrian has given several speeches at fashion shows and conventions. Nowadays, he is less visible in public as he works on new entrepreneurial ideas.


Get in touch with us


If you have any question about Walletisland, get in touch with us.


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