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Bellroy Sleeve Wallet Review: Card, Slim, Micro & Note

Slim wallets are becoming increasingly popular and stylish in modern culture. The look of a bulky, heavy wallet is a thing of the past. But there are so many options, which is right for you? This short and concise article will give an objective review of Bellroy wallets.


We’ll start by introducing the company and give some background, dive into a review of their products (including pros and cons of each wallet) and then finish with a wrap up of the company and where you can find more information if you wish. We all hate being sold to. That’s why this article is not meant to be a sales letter. Instead its purpose is to give you clear and accurate information so you can make the best selection of wallet for your life. Let’s get started.


Why we love Bellroy wallets


Bellroy was founded on modest grounds. There was no angel investors or Kickstarter campaign to fund their discovery. A group of a few guys got together one cold Australian night around a kitchen table in early 2010 to discuss how they could impact the clothing world, as well as business culture. Bellroy wallets were their answer. Since then the fertile ground which they laid the seeds has exploded. Bellroy wallets now ship their products all over the world.


Not only does Bellroy make high quality products (which we’ll get to later), they also are a stand up company, which is arguably more important. Bellroy is a certified B Corporation. What is a B Corporation you ask? It’s an objective grading organization that works with companies worldwide to solve social and environmental problems. It takes a rigid examination to become certified and the companies must meet social and environmental criteria each year to keep the honor of being known as a B corporation.


How does Bellroy keep their promise to work on environmental and social problems? For starters, they use sustainable and recyclable materials in their products to cut down on waste, like their recyclable polyester in the lining of their wallets. They also donate directly to charters. A full 1% of their yearly revenue goes to benefit both animal and human causes: half of this goes to charities that aid directly in humanitarian efforts like the Effective Altruism Movement. Another half goes to charities that benefit animal rights groups.


A Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet in use

A Bellroy Note Sleeve in use. Source:


Bellroy also sources their leather humanly and sustainably. Bellroy has established an Animal Welfare Advisory Board to help hone their sourcing efforts with the best farms. They also use the Five Freedoms as a guide to locating their sourcing. The Five Freedoms is a set of five criteria that help animals’ keep their rights. The five criteria are freedom from hunger/ thirst, discomfort, injury and disease, fear and distress as well as the freedom to express normal animal behavior with their own kind.


Not only are the sourcing and environmental aspects of Bellroy revolutionary and progressive, but also their products back their promises. They make high quality wallets that are each backed by a three-year warranty. If your wallet rips or tears within three years of purchasing it then you can send it back for another wallet: this warranty illustrates their backing of their products.


Do you want an ocean green wallet? Or would you rather have a sky black one? Either way, Bellroy offers wallets made of high quality leather in a large array of colors to satisfy your eye. Or maybe you don’t care about color, but you value durability over style, or vice versa? Again, you’re covered with Bellroy: there are 4 different types of leathers that you can choose from. Some focus on character like the Naked Style, while others focus on durability like the All Conditions Leather.


Bellroy wallet reviews


We are going to review four of Bellroy’s products. All of their wallets are made of environmentally responsible leather and have the three-year warranty. They are all made of high quality leather and stitched to last for years. Leather is like fine wine. It starts to get better with age; so the longer you keep their wallets the more you’ll like them. Here’s a quick review of four of their products.


Bellroy Micro Sleeve review


This wallet is certainly minimalist: the exterior pocket can hold up to four cards, and the interior sleeve can hold up to 2 more cards along with some cash.


Bellroy Micro Sleeve Wallet Review picture


The good things about this wallet are varied. One is the cost: at a moderate price level this wallet will pay for itself within a few years. Since it’s so high quality stitched it can last for a couple of decades if treated well which puts the cost in perspective. Another great thing about this wallet is that it is very slim and does not take up a lot of space in your pocket. You won’t be getting back problems from this wallet, which may not be the case for you right now.


The few cons are that it only comes in 4 colors. In the modern world where we have unlimited choices, we expect more colors. Also this wallet can only hold up to 6 cards along with some money, which is not much.




A close look at the Slim Sleeve


This wallet has already been covered in an article called “best slim wallets” so we’ll keep it short. The Slim Sleeve wallet features a total of 4 distinct sleeves: 2 of which are in the interior of the wallet, while the other 2 are on the exterior of the wallet. This wallet is great in that you can put your most used cards on the outside of the wallet for easy access, and store the rest of your cards and cash on the interior. It can hold up to 12 cards when you carry no other cash or items with it, or about 8 cards when you are carrying a good bit of cash.


Picture for Bellroy Slim Sleeve Wallet Review


The one drawback with this wallet is that it’s a bit pricey. But as the old saying goes ‘You get what you pay for’ and this holds true with this wallet. It could last you a couple of decades if you treat it right, and if something is to happen to it in the first three years remember the warranty that comes with all wallets.




Bellroy Card Sleeve review


The card sleeve can either be a business card holder or a minimalist wallet. It can hold up to 8 cards and features a small exterior sleeve along with a larger internal holder.



This wallet is super slim which could be seen as a positive since it does not take up much room in your pocket. It is also the cheapest option that we are reviewing. This wallet can also double as a stylish business card holder, which is sure to get more business for your company.


Bellroy Card Sleeve Review picutre of a brown example


Since this wallet is so slim, it does not offer that much storage. Only about 7-8 cards can be held at a time, which may not be enough for you.




Bellroy Note Sleeve review


The note sleeve is a more standard wallet. It folds in half like most conventional wallets. It can hold up to 11 cards along with some cash and even coins. Yes this wallet included a coin holder, which is rare with men’s wallets. As with all of Bellroy’s wallets, it’s backed by their three-year warranty. Also, this wallet includes RFID protection which makes it much more difficult for hackers to gain access to your personal information through radio waves that credit cards give off.


Picture for Bellroy Note Sleeve review showing a blue wallet of this kind


The many positives of this wallet are varied. One good thing is that variety that comes with this wallet: you have upwards of 10 choices of colors. Another good thing is that it comes with a coin purse to hold your loose change. It is also RFID protected which is very good so your information does not get hacked.


This wallet is a bit more pricey. Also the fact that it folds in half could either been seen as a plus or a minus. Some people may like the conventional look, while others may find it a bit bulky. You be the judge.






Bellroy wallets continue to make ripples in the clothing accessory industry with their sleek design and commitment to both human and animal rights. Bellroy is a certified B corporation, which means they are committed to social and environmental movements: they donate a full 1% of their total revenue to animal and human causes and provide their employees with exceptional pay and safe working environments. They are also committed to sourcing animals from sustainable farms that treat their animals with respect by following the Five Freedoms.


If you want to know more about Bellroy you can find information in the General Slim Wallets review. If you don’t like the look of slim wallets be sure to look at our review of standard bifold wallets for information of a different style of wallet. Either way, we hope this review has been helpful and satiated your curiosity.