Distil Untion Wally: Title image to wallet review

Distil Union Wallet Review: Agent, Bifold, Sleeve & Micro Wally

In this article we are going to introduce a new company, Distil Union, that produces slim wallets. Fat, chunky wallets are a thing of the past, while the minimalist look is gaining traction. This article is meant to act as an objective review of one the newest producers of these wallets. Read on and see if this style and company match your desires.


First we are going to give an overview of the company, including its brief history and startup. Then we are going to introduce and give objective feedback of four of its products. Since this short article is not meant to be an advertisement we are going to list the pros as well as the cons of each wallet. Finally we will wrap up with a few words and where you can learn more about the company as well as other products besides the slim wallet.


Distil Union


Distil Union is truly a 21st century business. Started in 2011, this union of a couple men and women located in Charleston, South Carolina decided to distill (see the play on words here?) the essentials of minimalist design down and apply it to their wallets. True to this new age of social media, they utilized the crowd-funding site, Kickstarter, to fund most of their initial budget. Not only did they meet their goals, but also they often surpassed them by as much as 800%! People were obviously ready for their wallets! In 2015 they took a big leap and moved out of the apartment of one of the founders and into a studio in downtown Charlestown. Since then their design and philosophy of ‘the customer comes first’ has been gaining momentum. You can check out their products of wallets, phone cases and accessories online! Next we’ll do a quick overview of their most popular products.


Destil Union Agent Wally review


This bifold wallet features the standard money pocket along with four interior pockets to hold various cards. If you’re a lover of the standard wallet look and are looking for a high quality option, then this is the wallet for you.


Destil Union Agent Wally picture


This wallet offers the high quality materials and design standard to Distil Union wallets. It offers the classic foldable wallet look, but in a more slim design. This wallet can hold both your money and cards and still fit in your front pocket. The few drawbacks are that there are only three-color schemes available for this option. Another drawback is that this wallet may not be as slim as desired since it is a bifold wallet.




Review of Destil Union’s Sleeve Wally


This wallet is ideal for the businessman as it acts primarily as a cardholder, both for credit and business cards, but can also carry a few bills. It only features one pocket, so it is very slim and also features ‘FlexLock Technology’ which ensures that your cards and money don’t fall out.


Distil Untion Sleeve Wally picture


In therms of the price, theis wallet is surely affordable. It only features one pocket, so it is very slim and can easily and comfortably fit in a front pocket. This stylish design is great for business cards. Also the FlexLock Technology ensures that your cards will not fall out and get lost. You can even shake the wallet and your cards will stay snuggly tucked into the pocket.


Since this wallet only features one pocket it does not offer space for many bills and cards. This may be a positive thing depending on your preferences. Another drawback is that this wallet is longer than most wallets, so it may feel awkward in your pocket.




Destil Union’s Micro Wallet


If you’re looking for the most affordable and effective slim wallet then this is the choice for you. This wallet costs less than you would expect and features the high quality leather. It features one interior pocket that can hold anywhere from one card up to 10 and an exterior money strap that allows quick and easy access of your cash. This wallet is also reversible.


Picture of a Distil Untion Micro Wally


The drawbacks of this wallet are that it can only hold up to 10 cards and a few bills. If you hold a lot of stuff in your wallet then this may not be the best option for you. Also, only three colors are offered which is not a very large selection.




A close look at the Bifold Wally


The Bifold Wally features a bifold design with two exterior pockets that can hold up to six cards each. It also features a ‘Wally Pull Tab’ that allows you to gain access to the contents of the wallet with no hassle. This wallet features a money clip rather than the standard money pocket found in most bifold wallets. This clip allows up to 30 bills to be held compactly with no bulky storage or feel.


Distil Union Bifold Wally image


The pros of this wallet are many. The high quality material and stitching ensures that this wallet can last a lifetime. This wallet is like a clown’s car: it may not appear to be big or bulky, but it can sure store a lot of cash and cards. Some drawbacks of this wallet are the lack of organizational possibilities. There are only two pockets and a money clip, which limit the possible arrangements. You can read more about this wallet in the article ‘Best Slim Wallets’.






Distil Union is a fast growing company that offers a sleek design in a hip downtown of a city. If you’re interested in knowing more about their company you can check out their website, or if you find yourself in Charleston you can pop into their studio. If you want to know more about slim, minimalist wallets be sure to check out the review ‘General Slim Wallets’ and if you don’t think slim wallets are your thing, than be sure to check out our review of ‘Standard Bifold Wallets’.