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Men’s Wallet Style Guide

Welcome to our men’s wallet style guide!


Finding a new wallet that is right for you can be a struggle.  Wallets come in various shapes and sizes.  Some are slim, while others are bulky.  The struggle isn’t necessarily buying the wallet – it’s finding the wallet that’s right for you. This is exactly why we wrote this men’s wallet style guide.


So, what do you need to think about prior to buying your new wallet? Style is everything – and everyone has a different style. The four main things you need to keep in mind when browsing for you next wallet is the type, the material or design, the color, and the brand.


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Men’s wallet style guide: Type of wallet


Let’s begin with the type of wallet you could be looking for.  The main, or most popular, wallet types are slim, bifold, card, and chain wallets. Finding the right size and type of a wallet is incredibly important, as explained in the article ‘3 Mistakes Men Do When Purchasing a Wallet’. If you purchase the wrong size that doesn’t work well with your lifestyle, it can be especially annoying.


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Slim wallets are smaller (and for lack of a better word, slimmer) than other wallet styles. Because of the tinier wallets, therefore, can fit in your front pocket comfortably. Compared to the standard size wallets, these slimmer wallets are much easier to carry for the average male that doesn’t keep a lot of extra items in his wallet. Only the most important cards (at most, six) and a little bit of cash are needed in these smaller wallets. For this reason, slim wallets are best recommended for males that only carry a few things in their wallet.


Huge wallets are things of the past. Slim wallets are much more popular today than they used to be, and there’s a variety of reasons why. For the male that can’t decide if he needs a big wallet or a card wallet, a slim wallet is the great alternative.  It’s not as small as a card wallet or a money clip, and yet it’s not as big as bifold wallets sometimes get. A slim wallet can help you carry only necessary items while also giving you room to add more, if needed.


“make sure you weigh the pros and cons of each type and style before making the ultimate decision”


Bifold wallets are classic, comfortable, and the go to wallet for many males. These wallets are best recommended for the average male that carries a bit more in their wallet than just a few cards and a little bit of cash.  These bifold wallets offer more room – which means more cards and more cash is available for storage. Unlike the slim wallet, bifolds are mostly kept in the back pocket – and not the front pocket because their bigger size makes it uncomfortable.  This wallet type is classic and simple, and works best with someone who just wants a wallet that will carry their items safely and comfortably – while still being stylish. Bifolds are also best if you carry around more change or coins – something you can’t necessarily do with slim wallets or card wallets.


Bifold wallets can come in pretty large sizes, which is why they tend to be the more classic choice for males.  However, if you don’t carry a lot of cards or cash with you, bifold wallets can be a burden. Therefore, these wallets are mainly just recommended for males that know they carry a lot – and know they need bigger wallets than the average slim or card wallet. Newer models of the bifold model have come out with much more storage space than normal, which is a huge plus for males who need that extra organization for their personal belongings and money.


“at the end of the day, it’s just up to you”


Card wallets are as minimalistic and small as you can get.  As it says in the name of the wallet, card wallets are, quite simply, just for your cards – and mainly just a few cards, at that. If you’re a male that never really has cash or extra, loose change on him, this is the wallet for you. If you’re someone that actually dislikes having cash, and you much prefer to use your card for every purchase you make, no matter how small or large, this wallet is for you.


Card wallets are small and incredibly lightweight. This minimalistic approach makes you get rid of everything in your wallet that you don’t actually need. Those old membership cards or coupon cards have no place in card wallets, forcing you to actually clean out the items you normally carry in your wallet. This makes card wallets best for practical people who hate carrying around added baggage with them, including multiple cards and cash or coins.


A nice wallet has a huge impact on first impression.
Source: Gentleman’s Gazette


Chain wallets are the final type of wallet that males can buy, and this type is the much more stylish of the four. This unique type of wallet is best recommended for the more fashion forward males that are looking for something different and exclusive. Chain wallets can come in different types themselves: bifold, trifold, and checkbook.  Bifolds are the most common and popular of the three, and they always look great with a chain.


Chain wallets also come great in a leather, and can be a great addition to any lifestyle for any male. Whether you’re looking for a vintage or retro feel, or you just like the unique look of chain wallets, any male can find a chain wallet that suits them, in a large or small size.


Design & Material of a wallet



Design and material of a wallet are an important part


Design of the wallet is also an important aspect to think of when shopping or browsing for wallets. Again, everybody has different types and designs that they think are best, and only your own style can help you find your favorite design. Wallet designs come in all shapes and sizes. Some bifolds have more storage area than others, some slim wallets have more room or less room based off of design, and some card wallets have logos or branding. There is no right or wrong design. The main importance is whether or not you like the design of your own wallet – or the wallet you want to buy.


The material is also greatly important when deciding what wallet is best for your lifestyle. The most common materials chosen from are leather, faux leather, and synthetic material. The best material or design ranges from person to person, depending on their own personal tastes and dislikes. Leather or faux leather is a good option for the majority of men, as it is a classy and common option.  Synthetic wallets are best for men who want something as casual as possible.


The most important thing, in regard to the material of the wallet, is to find a wallet with quality. If you purchase a wallet with bad quality material, there’s the very high chance that the wallet will tear quicker through constant use. Poor material wallets don’t last long, as it’s something you use on a daily basis. High quality material (whether it’s leather or synthetics) is the best option to help you save more money and more unnecessary time spent on buying wallet after wallet.


Wallet Color: Fancy or common option?


Wallet color survey by walletisland


A men’s wallet style guide is not complete without talking about color. Color is certainly an important aspect to think of when purchasing a wallet. Most common choices for men are neutral colors, such as brown and black. Of course, again, the color of a wallet differs from man to man, and it just depends on what color speaks to you the most. A basic brown color is a common, yet viable, choice for any wallet and any man.


Brand vs no brand


One of the final questions a man needs to ask himself before purchasing a new wallet is whether or not he should buy a known brand or not. There is no right or wrong answer to this question, though all men buying wallets should consider it. While there is respectability that comes with some of the higher known brands, sometimes expenses come into play and can make a nonbrand wallet seem much more practicable. Of course, when searching brands and wallets, you should always make sure you read reviews and do the proper research necessary to make sure you find the best brand of wallets there is.


A special hint from our men’s wallet style guide: Again, quality material matters – but you can find quality material in lower prices. Not all high-quality material has to be out of your price range. Keep the idea of good material, versus wallets that will just tear after a few uses, in your mind as you are researching different brands and attempting to find a new wallet that will fit your lifestyle perfectly. You never want to buy something that will just fall apart after one use!


In the end (and after reading this men’s wallet style guide)…


Much thought and consideration go into buying a wallet. We hope reading our men’s wallet style guide helped you. At the end of the day, however, it’s just up to you and what fits your lifestyle best.  Make sure things like type, size, color, design, material, and brand are thought about before you make the ultimate decision to buy a new wallet. Frustrating circumstances, like if a wallet is too big or too small for you, should try to be avoided at all costs – mainly because they just become annoying instances.


Checklist for your new wallet


When you’re looking for your next wallet, make sure you weigh the pros and cons of each type and style before making the ultimate decision and finding the perfect wallet for your own lifestyle.


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