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Neck Wallet or Money Belt: Quick Review

It’s time to answer a tricky question:


Should you opt for a neck wallet or a money belt?


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Generally, people find themselves looking at this kind of wallet when planning a trip. Both options are adding an extra safe feeling because your cash and other belongings are carried under your first layer of clothes. Now, let’s have a closer look at both types.


Neck wallets: Pros and cons

Neck wallet recommended by Walletisland

Review of: Neck wallets

We like

Cheap option

Wide range of choices & colors

Room for passports, credit cards, money

We don’t like

Can pull on neck

Strap visible




Considering all aspects, neck wallets are a good option. Quality products are available for a very reasonable price. Make sure you check the size but normally there is enough room for passports, cards, and cash.


A drawback is that the strap holding the wallet can feel a bit uncomfortable and is visible on the neck. Visibility can attract pickpockets.


For everyone who would love some extra security, a shoulder holster wallet may be a perfect option.


Money belts: Advantages and disadvantages

Belt wallet from Alpha Keeper

Review of: Money belts

We like

Cheap option

Many different choices

Room for passports, credit cards, money

Adjustable belt

We don’t like

Accessing issues




Money belts are a safe option. They are very reasonably priced. Make sure you opt for a product having an adjustable belt length (nearly all products should have that).


The only issue is that accessing your money can get a bit complicated because you have to reach under your t-shirt.


Apart from general trips, this kind of wallet is very useful for traveling in overnight buses and trains. Because the wallet is slightly pressed towards the belly, it feels like a natural-ish layer and doesn’t bother much when sleeping.


Our experience at Walletisland


We at Walletisland have used both types of wallets. Personally, we feel less comfortable with the neck wallet. We don’t like other people seeing a strap on our neck. Especially not when traveling to poorer areas. We also have to report that we once got pickpocketed on a busy Thai street. We assume the strap was cut and the thief managed to catch the wallet on its fall.


Our favorite option is the money belt. To avoid any accessing issues, some cash can be placed in your trousers’ pockets. In case of a small purchase, fumbling under your t-shirt to reach your wallet is not necessary anymore.


Make sure you look out for a quality product. Not saying it needs to be expensive at all. Simply check for reviews to make sure you get a good product. Alternatively, go for the option we recommend.





It is much up to your own preference which type you like more. Both add extra safety and this is the main point. When making a decision just make sure that you go for a quality product.


If you like to share your experience, feel free to leave a comment below.

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