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Review of Secrid Wallets: Cardslide, Mini, Twin & More

Secrid wallets are among the best available slim wallets.


In this post, we tell you everything you should know about these high-quality products.


Walletisland's own miniwallet showing the cardslide feature


Here’s a quick overview of all their wallets (no worries, there are many color options available):


Secrid cardprotectorCardprotector4-68mm
Secrid moneybandMoneyband4-611mm
Secrid cardslideCardslide4-619mm
Secrid slim walletSlim8-1016mm
Secrid mini walletMini8-1020mm
Secrid twin walletTwin12-1625mm







Look into your pocket or purse. Is that a rock in there, or your wallet? Worn out, bulky, and heavy wallets cause a lot of problems (physical and emotional) and unnecessary stress. How much time do you waste digging through your wallet, through the piles of receipts, pictures and loose change, so that you can discover where you put your credit card? If you’re anything like most people, then the answer is probably too much time. The days of oversized, grandmother wallets are gone. Thank goodness. Unless you are carrying around dozens of pictures of your grandkids, than there is no reason to have a wallet that could be used as a weapon in a fight. By investing in a sleeker, modern wallet you’ll save a fortune on your doctor bills! How you ask? Perhaps your lower back pain is due to the wallet in your back pocket, causing your entire body to become misaligned when you sit down.


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This short article gives a concise and clear review about the most innovative and sleek wallets on the market made by the leader in minimalist wallet design: Secrid Wallets. Before you close your browser in a huff since you are tired of being sold to, don’t worry. This article is simply a summary and review, not a sales letter. If this article piques your interest, then you can easily find Secrid Wallets with a simple Google Search, or in one of their dozens of retailers located around the world.


We spend the majority of our waking hours working. Why would you keep the fruits of your labor in an outdated and burdensome wallet?


Why we love Secrid wallets


Slide feature

The very first thing to name is the slide feature. Seeing it in use is better than any description. Check the video to get amazed:



An absolutely cool and handy feature!


Environmental friendly

More and more people are becoming environmentally aware and concerned these days. Even if you are not an environmental activist, chances are you buy some organic produce, and recycle a portion of your trash. Secrid Wallets are on the same page in terms of environmental awareness. All of their products are assembled in factories in Holland, and the leather actually originates from one of the last local tanneries in Holland. Holland has some of the cleanest and safest working conditions in the world. Since all of the products are made in one country, there is also a huge reduction of fossil fuels since the raw materials don’t have to travel across continents in order to get assembled.


Working conditions

Not only does Secrid care about the environment, the company is also an advocate for human rights: Holland has some of the strictest labor laws in the world, so you can be sure that your wallet was made by an adult with a fair wage and working conditions. Holland isn’t known as the happiest country for nothing: the concern for workers and fair wages adds to this level of contentment.


Design and innovation

In terms of the design, Secrid Wallets are like the Tesla’s of the wallet world: sleek, innovative and environmentally sound, that is what you are investing in when you purchase one of their wallets. The wallet consists of two materials: high quality, forged aluminum and leather that is aged and carefully stitched so that the wallet will last a lifetime. Why aluminum you may ask? For starters, aluminum is strong, yet lightweight. Aluminum is practically as strong as steel, but at a fraction of the weight. Aluminum also offers the sleek and modern design that is the trademark of Secrid. The aluminum also serves a deeper function: the various cards in your wallet like credit cards and transit cards each have a unique RFID code. RFID stands for radio frequency identification, meaning the cards transmit some of their information through radio waves, like a phone. Since cards transmit radio waves, they offer the opportunity for hackers to gain access to your information or steal cash from your cards. It’s like virtual pickpocketing. The aluminum in Secrid wallets actually blocks the radio waves from emitting from your pocket. This aluminum acts as a protective shield that guards your information from potential hackers and thieves. This wallet pays for itself with the peace of mind and security that come with being sure that you valuable information is protected at all times.

This example shows the slide function

The days of oversized, lumpy, grandpa wallets are out. What you wear sends signals out to the world. We all know the feeling of walking in public dressed to the nines: there is a certain quiet confidence that exudes from our very core when we look and feel good. Typically people are only concerned with their clothes and their cars. Obviously these things are important. But what type of signals are you sending out when your wallet, the thing that carries the fruits of your labor, is outdated and oversized? Minimal is the new look. We’ve all heard the expression: form follows function. Secrid wallets are the first company to extend this century old truth to wallets: the thin and sleek design is indicative of the growing trend of credit cards. Chances are you pay for your purchases with plastic. The vast majority of transactions in today’s world are no longer through the medium of money. Credit (and debit) cards are the growing trend and will continue to be innovated. The installment of the chip on the credit card is the newest progression in credit card technology. Secrid is the first wallet company that is leading the change of the industry with the increases in credit card technology. These wallets look more like business cards holders as you can see in the picture below. Indeed you can hold business cards in them, but they also offer enough space to organize all of your credit cards in one place. No more digging around through the pile of year old receipts to find your card.



Each wallet comes with a two-year warranty. If your Secrid wallet gets damaged or torn, simply bring it back or mail it back to one of the retailers. Considering that there are over 4000 retailers that sell Secrid wallets in over 53 countries, it shouldn’t be difficult to find a store to get reimbursed. When you bring (or mail) your wallet back you can either opt for a full refund, or you can choose to have the wallet repaired. We all know the frustration and stress that goes along with waiting on hold on the phone to see if your purchase has a warranty. With Secrid there is not stress. You can be sure that you purchase is backed for a full two years.


Secrid collection


picture showing the secrid wallet collection


As we’ve discussed already, Secrid offers a variety of wallets in various colors, and designs. The high quality leather offers a stylish, and clean exterior for the inner aluminum case. Below you will find a review of each of the 6 different products that are offered. We’ve also talked about our likes and dislikes about each product. The dislikes are important, because they demonstrate our intent of giving a clear, concise and unbiased review of these wallets. Be sure to reference the picture if you are not sure which product we are talking about.





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Secrid is not the only producer of slim wallets.

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Review of Secrid’s Miniwallet


The Miniwallet is the all around, all-purpose wallet. It offers the utility of the Cardprotector with the added design of the leather shell. The leather shell is held closed by a stylish button clip. We like that this model comes in dozens of different colors and style options. Also the button clip adds a level to the design. We also like that this option is so affordable for what it offers: the security of the aluminum carrying case with the look of the stitched leather and button snap. We don’t like that you need to undo the button clip to gain access to your content of the wallet. This could get tedious, as sometimes you just want to gain quick access to your contents of your wallet. We also don’t like the fact that not all of the designs are the same cost, yet you are getting basically the same product.


Secrid Miniwallet in brown color


This design is the perfect all around holder option. It offers the traditional aluminum inside and leather outside option. It also offers a stylish button clip. If you are looking for a variety of options, then look no further than this wallet. The styles range from alligator skin to a classic suede look.




All you need to know about the Secrid Slimwallet


The Slimwallet is similar to the Miniwallet option, except it’s a bit wider and does not have the button clip to hold it together. It has the leather shell and aluminum inside so you get the protection of the aluminum with the style of the leather. It is also a wider cut, so it offers more space. We love the fact that this wallet can hold up to 12 total flat cards, or 8 total raised cards. The extra space that this wallet provides will be sure to come in handy. We also like the fact that it’s even slimmer than the Miniwallet, even though it has the leather exterior, since it doesn’t have the snap button. We don’t like that this wallet is a wider cut than the Mini Wallet, so even though it’s slimmer it may take up area in your pocket. We also don’t like the ambiguous design because it could be mistaken as a journal rather than a wallet.


Secrid slim wallet


If you like the aluminum shell with the leather casing, then look no further than the Slimwallet. This design is slimmer than the Miniwallet but with more room to spare for your extra cards or cash. It is also priced the same as the Miniwallet, with almost as many design options, so it is a competitive product.




Review of Secrid’s Twinwallet


The Twinwallet is like the older brother of the Miniwallet: it offers two aluminum card holders bound together with the leather exterior and held together with a snap button. It is the largest and has the most room out of any design, and the price of this wallet reflects that fact. We like that there are a lot of design options and colors that you can choose from as we think variety is the spice of life. We also like that this wallet can hold up to 16 flat cards and additional money. However we don’t like the cost of this wallet. It is priced over $130, so it is the least affordable option. We also don’t like that this wallet may be a bit bulky in our pockets since it is almost two times the size of the Miniwallet.


Secrid Twinwallet in red, available also in other colors


If you carry around a lot of cards or cash, then look no further than the Twinwallet. Since this design option is twice the size of the Miniwallet, it can also hold about twice as many cards and cash. The variety of colors and textures of this wallet also make it a competitive choice. But the cost of this wallet will be a turnoff for many people. You will have to be the judge of that fact. If the other options, which can only hold up to 6 raised cards, will not cut it, then this model may be just what you are looking for. Also if you don’t mind the extra bulk and weight from the size, then be sure to look into this model.




Review of Secrid’s Cardslide wallet


The Cardslide combines the Cardprotector with an extra compartment that is ‘hidden’ by a plastic slide. The Cardprotector holds cards and the slide-able ‘hidden’ compartment can hold cash, change and even a loose key. There is a lot going for this particular design. For one thing, it combines the utility of the basic cardholder with the added benefit of an extra compartment to store your valuables. The extra compartment is super useful since it we typically carry around more stuff than just credit cards, and this compartment helps accommodate to that fact. We don’t like the fact that the compartment is only large enough to hold one or two loose keys. Let’s be honest, most of us have more things on our key chains than just one or two keys. Also this model is almost two times as expensive as the Cardprotector (the first model we reviewed) but the only added feature is the slide-able compartment: we don’t think the extra compartment justifies that sharp increase in price.


picture showing how the secird cardslide wallet works



If you typically have loose things in your pocket like change, random pieces of paper with notes, or keys, than this model may be just what you’re looking for: it combines the utility of the Card Protector with extra storage. But we don’t like that there are only 2 different colors offered and that this model is almost twice the cost of the Cardprotector with little to show for the increase in cost.


Review of Secrid Cardprotector


The Cardprotector is at the heart of the Secrid design: the aluminum inner cardholder. This wallet resembles a business card holder, and can hold up to 6 flat credit cards or 4 raised cards. We like the minimalist design of this wallet, as it’s simple. It also comes in a variety of colors like gold and black, so you are sure to find a color that satisfies you. We don’t like that it can only hold up to 4 credit cards with raised writing, since many of us have more cards than that. We are also not too thrilled with the ‘cold’ metal appearance as there is no warm accents of leather that add to the design.


If you are looking for the basic design that made Secrid a successful, multi-international company, than look no further than the Cardprotector. It offers all of the protection of the aluminum shell from virtual pickpockets at a very affordable price of less than $50. If you are going for utility over design than this wallet is your best bet, as it offers no frills of leather. The absence of leather may be a benefit, or a turnoff point depending on your preference. There are a lot of different colors available so be sure to take your time and consider all of them before making your selection.


Close look at the Moneybad


The Moneyband is the next evolution money clip. It is even slimmer than a money clip and it’s the most minimalist design that the company offers. We like the price of the Moneyband. You can’t get much lower than that when shopping for quality. We also like the variety of colors that this design offers for the bands. The stainless steel ‘clip’ is a nice sophisticated touch. However, we don’t like that the band offers no protection of the aluminum case from potential hackers. The cards feel vulnerable like they could be stolen or slip out of the band (although the company already considered this option in the design).


We like the price of this option the most. Anyone can afford it. But the lack of protection of the outer protective aluminum shell makes us a bit wary of carrying around our valuables in this band. We all know the pain and stress that goes along with losing money or a card, and this band gives us the impression that we are going to lose one of these valuables. It may make an effective option to hold various business cards.


Final words from Walletisland


Hopefully this short and concise guide comes in handy. It was our goal to provide unbiased and clear information about the various wallets made by Secrid, so hopefully we provided you with helpful information.


The minimalist and lightweight design made by this company are appealing to many people. This appeal is what allowed Secrid to become an international company with over 4000 suppliers of their wallets in over 52 countries. Secrid offers 6 different products each with their respectable pros and cons. One thing that 5/6 of their products have is the aluminum shell that protects your sensitive information from virtual hackers and pickpockets. The stylish leather exterior adds to the design. All of their products are less than $150 and each come with a 2-year warranty. If you your wallet gets damaged, then you have the option to return it to get fixed, or to get a replacement wallet. This warranty adds to the peace of mind that comes from buying with this company. The ethics of the company also can help add to your contentment with their products.


Secrid is a company that cares for its employee, the environment and its consumers. As we talked about earlier, all of their wallets are assembled in the Netherlands from local leather, so they are also a supporter of local business. The short distance of travel for the assembly also makes their carbon foot print much smaller than similar corporations. Since the Netherlands have such strict labor laws, you can be sure that the employee who made your wallet got a fair wage and safe working conditions.


If the minimalist and sleek design of Secrid is not your thing, than be sure to check out our review of the standard bifold wallet. That guide provides clear and unbiased information just like this one, only it is not about the Secrid brand but rather the more traditional foldable wallet.