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Where to Put Your Wallet: Front or Back Pocket?

Where should I put my wallet? Front pocket? Back pocket?


This article helps you deciding.


A wallet is a pocket size flat folding case for holding cards and money. It is an object most males uses and some females also. In this present world, it has become part of our dressing. Most of the time, we think we are not complete until we have it with us. Even though taking our wallet with us to wherever we are going is good, we do forget the courtesy of where to put our wallet.


Most people get confused about the right place to put their wallet, so questions such as; where should I put my wallet, is it the back pocket or the front pocket? pops up. You don’t need to worry any longer. This article will tackle your questions and give you a good insight on the right place to keep our wallet.


Why should you put a wallet in your back pocket?


Putting a wallet in the back pocket might be the right thing for some people. No doubt, there are some situations that warrant having your wallet in the back pocket. Picture a situation where you wear a tight jean and have your key(s), phone(s), and wallet with you. You cannot put the phone and key in the back pocket. You will go for the front pocket if you don’t want a broken screen and bent keys. Then having the wallet left, it will be kept in the back pocket.


Also, we might have no choice than to put it in the back pocket if the wallet is bigger or larger than the front pocket.


  • For users who love wearing tight trousers, they find putting a wallet in the back pocket easy and convenient. It helps them carry all their accessories such as phones, keys, lighters, and pens at a time and conveniently
  • While driving or sitting, the wallet is easy to remove compared to when we put it in the front pocket


  • The wallet could be easily stolen. In cases where you are walking in the crowd and you have it in your back pocket, it can be picked without you noticing. This might cause a lot of damage; stealing of your money and credit card.
  • It could lead to some health issues such as chronic neck and back pains. This causes discomfort. For more details read this Business Insider article.
  • In a scenario where you sit down with a wallet in your back pocket, your plastics may get broken. Even sometimes your money can get rough
  • Additionally, your wallet can easily get lost when kept in the rare pocket
  • It might not give you rest of mind because you will always have to be conscious of it by taping your pocket every time.
  • It could possibly change your sitting position and posture
  • Removing your wallet from the back pocket can be very stressful, especially when it is too big


Why should you put your wallet in the front pocket?


No matter how you are dressed, keeping your wallet in your front pocket might save you a lot of headaches. It offers safety to good health all through to comfortability.


  • It helps in preserving your accessories; money, and cards from damaging easily
  • It reduces the possibility of someone stealing your wallet while walking around places with a lot of people
  • Putting your wallet in the front pocket makes it very easy to pick anything from it.
  • It improves your look and keep you organized
  • It makes its users extremely comfortable. You will not have to go through the stress of having pains on your buttock
  • The front pocket reduces the stress of removing your wallet anytime you want to sit down
  • Another advantage is that the chances of you misplacing your wallet are reduced. In some situations where you will need to sit and work, you don’t need to remove it and place it on the table or any other object
  • It will be difficult for it to fall off while in the front pocket unlike when it is in the back pocket


  • It might sometimes cause abdominal pain for people with big thighs and to people who love to use big pocket wallets.
  • When driving or sitting down, it can sometimes be difficult to remove your wallet when kept in the front pocket


Slim wallets fit very well to front pockets
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Alternative places to put your wallet


Even though people often put their wallet either in the back or front pocket, they still have some other places to keep it. Some of these other places are:

  • Bags
  • Jacket pocket
  • Laptop case
  • Briefcase

No doubt, these alternative places have their own limitations too. When you keep your wallet in your bag or briefcase, it might be difficult for you to reach, especially in urgent situations. If kept in bags, your wallet can be easily stolen. This is common to people that have to walk in crowds before getting to their destination. They can be easily pickpocketed.

Also, you don’t always carry your laptop case or briefcase around unless you are going to work or for a meeting. So, where do you intend to keep your wallet?

Additionally, putting your wallet inside your jacket pocket might not always work out. Have you ever tried to think about the summer days, when you will not be able to wear jackets often? Where will you keep your wallet?

You can see that most of these alternatives will not always work out for you. At the end, you will have to go back to your front or back pocket.


Where to put your wallet conclusion


In a nutshell, above are the different places to keep your wallet. Looking at every option; from back pocket to front pocket to the alternative places, you can see the one with the highest number of benefits. Putting your wallet in the front pocket stands to have a lot of advantages compared to any other places. In fact, research shows that it is the best option. Therefore, the front pocket is the best and right place to keep your wallet.


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